CASSIOPEIA – A New Tangle Pattern Or “There are no mistakes”

Dear Tanglers,

I have the great honor today of presenting a new tangle pattern, designed by one of my students, Monique Leschner.

In every Zentangle class I tell my students that when you’re tangling there are no mistakes. Like in real life, you can’t undo things, but you can build on them and see where they lead you. And in doing so, mistakes suddenly turn into possibilities that may lead to great new things – as you can see in the following example:

During our class, I tought the students the pattern Afterglo by Carole Ohl, CZT. Monique, a very creative student, decided she had messed it up, as the spaces between her lines were “too big”. So she just filled the big spaces with the balloons from ‘Nzeppel – and ended up with a beautiful new pattern!

Even though Cassiopeia is a mixture of the above mentioned patterns, its step-outs and look are different enough for me to call it a new tangle pattern (not a tangleation). So please welcome “Cassiopia”.