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How can I learn Zentangle?

Find a CZT in your area and take a class! There is a list of CZTs worldwide on the official Zentangle page. If there is no CZT around, there are a number of good books available. I can especially recommend my own books, of course. 😉 


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Are there Zentangle classes in my city?

Take a look at the list of CZTs on the official Zentangle website.


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What is the difference between tangling and doodling?

You may have doodled while listening to your teacher at school or while talking on the phone. While this may be relaxing and fun (and even look fantastic for some people), Zentangle is a bit different. When you tangle, you give it your full attention. Your mind is focussed entirely on each new line and we tangle to give ourselves a treat, not because we are bored. While doodling has no goal or structure, Zentangle is a structured process which calls for your full attention and can help you in many ways.


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I did that in school! What’s new about that?

Maybe you are one of those lucky people who can just start drawing and end up with beautiful patterns. Well, congratulations! But let me tell you, for the rest of us, it’s not so easy. Mine, for example, used to look like my 5 year old daughter drew them.

What’s new about Zentangle is that now even the less gifted among us have been given the means to draw beautiful patterns on paper by following easy-to-do steps. So it’s not the patterns that are new, but the way of learning to draw them. 

But most importantly, when you are tangling, it is like a sort of meditation – see „What is the difference between tangling and doodling?„

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Do I need original Zentangle materials to tangle?

Absolutely not! Theoretically, you could tangle with a stick in the sand. However, the original Zentangle materials have been carefully selected by Rick and Maria to give you the best tangling experience possible. And they are a joy to work with!

If you want to use different materials, use the best you can find! This will make your tangling extra-special and you will automatically work more carefully and produce more beautiful results. Believe me, it’s only half as much fun with cheap tools!  Tongue Out

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How can I become a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT)?

Unfortunately, there is so far only one way of becoming a CZT: Visit the CZT Seminar with Rick and Maria in Providence, Rhode Island. While it may be far away and expensive, the trip is worth every penny! Make it a family vacation!

Find out more on the official Zentangle website.


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I’m not a CZT. Can I teach Zentangle?

You may, of course, share your enthusiasm with friends and family and teach others the Zentangle method in a private setting. But please be sure to use the correct lingo and don’t call it doodling.

You may, however, not give official classes. Only CZTs may do this. We have been given our knowledge by Rick and Maria and are glad to pass it on to you!


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Zentangle is a registered trademark. Am I allowed to use the name for my art?

Find out about Zentangle’s policies on the official Zentangle website.


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