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Tangling on Stones

Dear Tanglers,

this weekend we had a lovely little Zentangle meet-up here in Hamburg (again thanks to my lovely colleague and namesake Anya Ipsen). During this event we learned – among many other things – how to tangle on stones.

Zentangle Steine

Aren’t they beautiful? I especially love the colors!

So, how is this done? It’s not that difficult. All you will need is:

  • Zentagle Steine 3a smooth stone
  • an Edding 1800
  • spray varnish
  • Polychromos or Prismacolor pencils for the colors


I shaded my stone (the long one) with a dark grey Polychromos pencil. It works wonderfully well! And you can also even add highlights with a white pencil.

Zentangle Steine 2

When you’re done, fix your drawing with the spray.

Zentangle Steine 4

You can use different markers, but be sure to test your marker-varnish-combination, as some markers may run.

I hope you’ll give this a try! Have fun! 



Pattern Mixer Challenge #27


Dear Tanglers!

welcome to the 27th and also last Pattern Mixer. That’s right, I’m discontinuing the challenge. It has mainly got to do with the dwindling numbers of participants, but I also don’t really have the time any more, as my work situation has changed.

I really enjoyed the challenge these last few years and I was always astonished at how much imagination you guys possess. You’ve done such beautiful work! Keep it up, you guys! 🙂

So, without any further ado, I present to you the patterns for the last Pattern Mixer:

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Pattern Mixer Challenge #26

Dear Tanglers!

2016 is over and I can only say: Good riddance! It’s been one of the hardest years in my life and I’m glad to let it go and ready to start over. I hope the next year will be better!

To top off an already tough year, I broke my hand a few days ago – so no tangling with the right hand at the moment. So here’s the idea: I’ve tangled with my left hand this month and I challenge you all to do the same!! (Don’t worry, I’ve picked very forgiving patterns.)

Can’t wait to see yours! 😀

Today’s patterns are:

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