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ISH – A Zentangle Pattern

Dear Tanglers!

Today I’d like to introduce a new pattern: “Ish“. I created it for my new book, which will be published in German on April 16th (first in magazine form – the book will follow later).

Cover_Zentangle2_Anya_LothropPart two is mainly a collection of patterns, but there are also some cool tips and tricks. There will eventually be an English version – I will let you know. Continue reading ISH – A Zentangle Pattern

AQUAFLEUR – A Zentangle pattern

Dear Tanglers,

Aquafleur Zentangle Mustertoday I would like to share with you the beautiful Zentangle pattern “Aquafleur”. Aquafleur is so much fun – you can play around with it for hours and do it in all shapes imaginable.

The video below (from my DVD) shows you how to do it. I speak in German, but I’m sure you can get it just by watching. Have fun! Continue reading AQUAFLEUR – A Zentangle pattern