Zentangle Terminology


To tangle is to draw using the Zentangle method. A tangle is one of the beautiful Zentangle patterns that make up Zentangle art. Note that while every tangle is a pattern, not every pattern can be a tangle, e.g. Celtic patterns, which are usually too complex. 


3,5 x 3,5 inches of top quality paper used to for tangling. Always use high quality materials to enhance your tangling experience.

Original Zentangle tiles

The secret behind Zentangle. The string divides the tile into separate spaces to be filled with patterns. Always draw the string with your pencil. 


A variation of an existing Zentangle pattern or sometimes a combination of two tangles. 


A mosaic is made up of many Zentangle tiles put together. We like to do this at the end of classes. It sure is a wonderful sight! 


CZT stands for Certified Zentangle Teacher. Zentangle is so much more than you can learn from a book. CZTs have received a special training directly from Rick and Maria to show you the full beauty of the Zentangle method. Only CZTs are allowed to teach Zentangle. 


Zentangle inspired art is anything that goes beyond the filling of tiles with tangle patterns. It can be a drawing, a tangled shoe, or a huge painting which includes Zentangle patterns. 


Ein Beispiel für ZIA.
An example of ZIA

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