What is Zentangle?

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being. The Zentangle Method is enjoyed all over this world across a wide range of skills, interests and ages.

Even if up to now convinced you were convinced that you can’t draw you will be amazed at the results. Thousands of students worldwide have discovered their hidden talents they were sure they didn’t possess. Try it and see!

Here’s an example of Zentangle art:


The Zentangle method

The Zentangle method was developed in the USA by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas to help people reach a relaxed and meditative state by drawing patterns. You could even call it meditating without meditation.

But even if your goal is not that wonderfully relaxed state, tangling might be for you! With the Zentangle method, anyone can create beautiful art. And it’s so easy to learn! Even though you are following a fixed set of steps, each piece of Zentangle art is unique and an expression of you inner creativity.


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