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Pattern Mixer Challenge #22

Dear Tanglers!

is it really possible that it’s September already and I didn’t notice? Goodness, it looks like I completely lost track of time, what with all the coming-back-from-vacation and getting-the-kids-ready-for-school… So, this month’s Pattern Mixer is one day late. Hope you’ll forgive me! ­čśë

As promised, I picked two completely random patterns this month (I actually had my eyes closed), but it so happens that they go together quite well (at least in the variation I chose for my tile). I’ve never used either of them before, so it was a nice challenge for me, too. Have fun!

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Dear Tanglers,

I’m never quite sure what to call round tangles on a square tile. Is it a Zendala or not? Any ideas out there?

Anyhow, they’re pretty. And sometimes I like them even better than the Zendalas I do on round tiles.

Zendala by Anya Lothrop, CZT
Patterns used: Hamail, Nook, Star Flower Band, Lorax, Desert Flower


I wanted to show you this one because I quite like it myself and thought you might enjoy it, too. There’s just nothing better than Renaissance tiles! ­čÖé

Happy tangling to you!