Pattern Mixer Challenge #13



Dear Tanglers!

Thirteen is my lucky number. Always has been. When I was in school, I’d always get good grades back on friday the 13th. This day was always a bit different. That’s why I’m taking the opportunity of the 13th Pattern Mixer to do things a little different.

This month I’m not going to give you any patterns. I want you, instead, to pick two of your favorite patterns and mix them. Be sure to really use patterns that you like to draw and know very well.

For my part, I’ve picked Hollibaugh and Oolong. And since it’s been a while since I have done a black tile, white on black it is!

Here’s my entry for today:

Zentangle Pattern Mixer 13




ATTENTION, please! While all tiles submitted in the last months were stunningly beautiful, there seems to have been some confusion about pattern mixing. Just drawing two patterns next to each other on a tile is called a Duo Tangle (and it can definitely be worth your while), but when we mix patterns, we go one step further. Pattern mixing means to merge two tangles, to intertwine them or even create a new tangle from the combination. I’ve drawn up a few examples for you here. Mixing patterns is not easy and you might even want to collect a few ideas or do a few sketches first. But it’s a real booster to yor creativity and it’s – well, a challenge!

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Have fun!