Diva Challenge #208 – Duo-Tangle

Dear Tanglers,

this week I took up the Diva’s Challenge once more. The challenge was to do a duotangle with cubine and Pokeroot. Cubine is a great 3-D pattern that I’ve used quite a lot – but always in the same way. Luckily, Laura Harms also gave us the link to a fabulous Cubine tutorial by one of my favorite tanglers, Margaret Bremner. So this time, I’ve tried some of her ideas and I really love them! Thank you, Margaret, for the great tutorial and Laura for the challenge!!!



Diva Challenge #197 – Arukas

Dear Tanglers,

I’ve been sick all week. Not so nice. But then again, being in bed finally gave me the time to tangle a bit – and to participate in the Weekly Diva Challenge – just in time before the new challenge comes out tomorrow! ;-)

Arukas ZentangleI’ve been wanting to try Arukas for weeks now, but since I’ve been working on the English translation of my book, I’ve been spending more time on the computer than tangling.

Arukas is the latest “officilal” Zentangle pattern and it’s wonderfully versatile. Guaranteed hours of playing! :-D Here’s how to draw it.




Diva Challenge # 186 – Falling leaves

Hi everyone!

Well, fall is finally here! ;-) The kids and I have been collecting beautiful red autumn leaves for the last 2 weeks -they’re all over our house! Also, I’ve been experimenting with watercolors for the first time in my life (not counting the terrible quality ones we used at school) and found a tutorial on the internet about painting leaves with watercolors.


Watercolor autumn leaf.




Diva Challenge #171

Hallo liebe Tangler,

der Diva Challenge diese Woche war nicht ganz einfach für mich: Als Inspiration sollten Perlen dienen. Dazu wollte mir erst einmal drei Tage lang gar nichts einfallen. Dann aber fiel mir heute Abend bei der Kursvorbereitung das Muster BTL JOOS ins Auge, so ziemlich mein Lieblingsmuster von CZT Sandy Steen Bartholomew. Und plötzlich kam mir die Erleuchtung: Nur ein kleines bisschen anders und ich hatte meine Perlen. So habe ich nebenbei mal eben ein neues Zentangle-Muster erfunden. Naja, es ist wohl eher eine Tangle-Variation von BTL JOOS. Auf jeden Fall poste ich die Schritte dazu demnächst. Und ich glaube ich nenne es Beadle Joos. ;-) (Perle auf Englisch: bead)

  Electric Shock

Übrigens, das Muster rechts unten stammt von einer meiner Teilnehmerinnen: Henrike Bratz. Es heißt Crux (und ich habe es unfreiwillig etwas abgeändert). Das Original ist aber schöner! Laughing

Zentanlge Kachel von Anya Lothrop, CZT

Dear Tanglers,

this week’s Diva Challenge was not so easy for me. We were supposed to get our inspiration from beads. And somehow I just couldn’t think of anything for a couple of days. But while preparing for a class tonight, Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s BTL JOOS just sort of leapt out at me (I do love that pattern!) and there it was: Just change it a little and there are the beads. So I guess I’ve created a tangleation of BTL JOOS. I will post the step outs to this pattern soon. Think I’ll call it Beadle Joos. ;-)  Electric Shock

Btw., the pattern on the bottom right is called Crux and was created by one of my former students! I had to change it a little because I messed up. Do like the original better! Laughing