Weight loss through Zentangle? An experiment

Dear Tanglers,

do you know the feeling when the scale tells you you’re all right but the mirror says otherwise? Just a few pounds too much?
I know diets are bad for you and tend to make you fat instead of skinny as well as obsessed with food (for a good book about the subject read Intuitive Eating). I know you need to eat when you’re hungry, but it’s really the times when I’m not hungry that are my problem! 

So what to do? Isn’t there something I could do instead of eating when I’m feeling bored, stressed, upset…? Something that soothes the soul, feels good and lets me forget about eating?

Oh wait!… Zentangle! 🙂

So I’ve decided that I’m going to do a little experiment. In the next few weeks, each time I feel like eating when I’m not hungry, I’m going to grab my Micron pen instead and start tangling.
And what better time for trying my first Opus tile? Opus tiles are about the size of 3 x 3 normal tiles – in other words: gigantic!

Here’s the string for my Opus:

Abnehmen mit Zentangle 1


 And since I’ve been “hungry” already, I’ve started tangling, too. 

Abnehmen mit Zentangle 2


First the patterns Ish and Burble. 

Then some dark patterns. Abnehmen mit Zentangle 3


So, I’m going to be working on my little experiment in the next few weeks and post my progress every now and then. 


And in case I’ve inspired you to try something similar, please remember that it is important to always eat when you are hungry! This is only for the times when your body is full but your mind tells you otherwise.

See you soon!