Pattern Mixer Challenge #18



Dear Tanglers!

are there any patterns that you used a lot when you started tangling but haven’t really drawn very much lately? The tangles Auraknot and Paradox really attracted me to Zentangle and I played around with them all the time in the beginning. They were to me what Zentangle is all about: It looks unbelievably awesome, but it’s unbelievably easy to do.

I’m feeling a little retro today, so I picked exactly those two patterns for you this month. Back to the roots!

So this month’s patterns are:



First time for the challenge? You can find the rules here.

For my tile, I used the Auraknot method with the Paradox stokes. Uhh…say what? Yeah.
I did two rounds of normal Auraknot first. Then I changed to Paradox strokes: starting in the corner and getting wider at the bottom – but I did this in the same order in which I would have continued Auraknot? Am I making any sense at all?? *lol*

Oh, just take a look, then:

Zentangle Muster Mixer 18 

ATTENTION, please! While all tiles submitted in the last months were stunningly beautiful, there seems to have been some confusion about pattern mixing. Just drawing two patterns next to each other on a tile is called a Duo Tangle (and it can definitely be worth your while), but when we mix patterns, we go one step further. Pattern mixing means to merge two tangles, to intertwine them or even create a new tangle from the combination. I’ve drawn up a few examples for you here. Mixing patterns is not easy and you might even want to collect a few ideas or do a few sketches first. But it’s a real booster to yor creativity and it’s – well, a challenge!

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Have fun!