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Kunst ahoi! Art ahoy!

(Deutsch ist heute unten)
Okay, so one of the reasons why I’ve posted so little here lately is that I’m writing. And filming. Don’t worry – you’ll read all about it soon!The other reason is that I’ve been preparing for an art show. Zentangle aside, I’ve been working hard to finish a series of pastel paintings I’ve been working on. They will be on exhibit at a cultural festival here in Hamburg, where artists (professionals and amateurs) show their art in shop windows.The preparations have taken a lot of time, and it has all been really exiting! Today I finally hung up my paintings. They will be on display at Tropical Point restaurant in Hamburg-Altona through July 6th. So if you’d like to know what I do when I’m not tangling, here’s a sneak preview.

(The paintings are inspired by photographs I took 11 years ago when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon. They show masked dancers of the Bamiléké tribe of Western Cameroon.)


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